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Don't Let An Untreated Rodent Infestation In Cleveland Make You Sick

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Rodents are often the cause of many illnesses and damages in your home. Different kinds of rodents can cause various dangerous ailments. If you're concerned about rodents in your home, here are some helpful tips from your Cleveland Pest Control specialists at Epcon Lane.

Clear Signs You Have A Rodent Infestation In Your Home

Rodents use humans to attain easy access to their basic needs of food, shelter, and water. If you believe you have a rodent in your house, here are some clear rodent signs to look for:

  • Noises in or behind walls, especially at night: Rodents hide in your walls and use them to traverse your home.

  • Holes chewed through food packaging or storage boxes: Rodent teeth are like chisels and leave distinct holes.

  • Grease marks along baseboards or furniture bases: Rodents travel through dirt, oil, and other substances that stick to their coats and rub off on your furniture.

  • Short circuits or leaky pipes: All rodents must regularly chew to maintain the length of their ever-growing teeth, which can cause damage to electrical and water lines inside your home.

If you've started noticing any of the above issues around your home, it's time to call a professional for an inspection - just in case. 

Rodents In Your Home Is A Serious Health Hazard

Wild rodents pose serious health hazards if they infest your home. They carry fleas and ticks that can be riddled with disease, on top of being carriers for other diseases themselves. Rodents shed fur and leave behind excrement and urine as they travel. Additionally, they can cause severe damage to your home by chewing on electrical lines and water pipes.

Rodent teeth never stop growing throughout their entire lifespan. To keep their teeth from growing to an unhealthy size, they chew on hard materials to grind them down. Some small rodents can chew through steel piping in the process of grinding their teeth down, causing water to damage foundations. These pipes also become homes to bacteria and harmful pollutants in the process.

Five Effective Tips To Prevent Rodents In Your Home

If you already have a rodent infestation, it's best to call a pest control specialist to remove it. However, if you're worried about a future infestation, here are some tips to prevent rodents from infesting your home:

  • Repair cracks and holes in your home's exterior and interior walls. Reducing the number of entry points reduces the chance of rodents getting inside your home.

  • Eliminate overgrown tree branches, shrubs, and other shrubbery that can provide rodents with easy access to your house.

  • Reduce food access around your home by placing lids on trash, recycling, and compost bins. Rodents will eat almost anything, so it's best not to give them easy access.

  • Clean up clutter in your yard to remove hiding or nesting places. Rodents are prey animals by nature and love to hide in tight spaces.

  • Keep your kitchen and outdoor eating areas free of crumbs, spills, and other debris. This will deter not just rodents, but also ants and other pest creatures from infesting those areas.

However, even with these preventive measures in place, rodents can still become a problem if you're unlucky. If that happens, the best solution is always to call a professional rodent removal expert for help.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Property

If you're wondering how to get rid of rodents, you're not alone: millions of homeowners are in your position.

Generally speaking, rodents are almost impossible to fully remove without specialized knowledge and preparation. They breed exponentially and dig into wherever they can possibly hide. The best possible solution for dealing with Rodents in Cleveland is to call a pest control specialist.

Pest control specialists have specialized tools and knowledge not readily available to the average individual. Rodent infestations are common to a pest control technician, and so they have the tools to deal with it. It will save time, money, and your personal property in the long run to call a pest control specialist. Get a free quote from Epcon Lane today!

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