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termite crawling on wood in a house in ohio

Smart Landscaping Tips to Prevent Termites

April 16, 2021

Spring is a favorite time to get some work done in the garden, but it’s also a popular time for termite activity. If you’re setting aside some time to pull weeds and plant perennials in your garden, make sure you’re keeping these smart landscaping tips in mind to prevent termites from gaining easy access to your home.... Read More

carpenter bee on a tree

How Bad Is It To See Carpenter Bees Around My Akron Property?

April 1, 2021

Everyone reacts differently to bees. Some are terrified and instinctively duck and run when they encounter one of these insects. Others consider them friendly and show no fear but regard them with respect. In all honesty, bees aren’t an insect to be feared. They are generally docile and will only attack if they feel directly threatened.... Read More

yellow jacket wasp on nest in ohio

Guide to Stinging Insects in Ohio

September 6, 2020

Nothing can ruin your time outdoors quite like having an ominous insect buzzing around. With summer approaching, you need an action plan in place to protect your family from painful stings. If stinging insects are making you feel unsafe outside, it’s time to take action.... Read More

stink bug on wall of home in ohio

Guide to Stink Bugs In Ohio

August 6, 2020

Today, there’s an invasion occurring. Originally hailing from Asia, the stinkbug is steadily marching its way through Pennsylvania and Ohio. Although these small insects won’t bite you, they do pose a significant threat to your crops, your garden plants–and, if frightened, your nose.... Read More

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