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carpenter ant outside a home in ohio

Guide to Carpenter Ants in Ohio

April 16, 2021

Carpenter ants can damage any type of building by tunneling through wood pieces. They nest in damp or rotten wood. They don’t actually eat the wood they tunnel through; they live on food, insects, and even candy. However, these insects can cause severe damage to your home’s foundation and are difficult to get under control after they infest an area. Here are some things you need to know when it comes to carpenter ants. &nbs... Read More

pavement ants in an ohio driveway

Types of Ants in Ohio & How to Prevent Them

March 20, 2019

Ants may be one of the least threatening varieties of pests that might find their way into your home, but they are also one of the most frustrating for homeowners. This is because an infestation of ants is notoriously difficult to get rid of. One or two ants may not seem like a big deal; but where there is one ant, there are usually hundreds or thousands more just out of sight. Check out everything you need to know about the following ants and... Read More


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