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Comprehensive Pest Control In Canal Fulton, OH

Canal Fulton is a small but mighty suburban-style city located miles from the center of Akron. This location makes Canal Fulton ideal for working professionals and families. As its name would suggest, the city offers residents numerous points of water access for their enjoyment. There are also quirky shops, restaurants and lounges, an extensive bike path, good public schools, and lots of community resources.

At Epcon Lane, we have been specializing in comprehensive pest control in Canal Fulton since 1945. We are a local, family-owned business whose sole mission is to keep local homes and businesses free from pests. As a QualityPro-certified company, we uphold the most stringent quality standards set forth by our industry. All of our services are built around Integrated Pest Management principles in order to deliver maximum results with limited product use. When we do apply treatments, they are all environmentally friendly for your continued protection. To request your free quote, please call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Canal Fulton

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Since 1945, countless Canal Fulton homeowners have turned to Epcon Lane for safe and effective pest control services. We are a family-owned and operated business that stands by the most rigorous quality standards. In addition to our QualityPro certification, all of our treatments are informed by Integrated Pest Management standards.

If you’re looking to limit pest activity on your property, simply give us a call and we’ll be over to perform a complete home inspection. This points our technicians toward current pest activity as well as potential issues. We’ll then help you pick the treatments and plan that suit your needs. During our treatments, you can always expect the use of exclusively eco-friendly products. For more information on residential pest control in Canal Fulton, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Canal Fulton

At ​​Epcon Lane, we provide Canal Fulton businesses with customized pest control solutions. We are a QualityPro-certified company that follows meticulous quality standards in everything that we do. All of our services are in accordance with Integrated Pest Management methods, which will benefit your business in many ways.

To start, it ensures that you receive complete property inspections every time we visit your business. We are focused on creating long-term pest-free results and accomplish them by making habitat modifications and using eco-friendly products. Some of the services that we provide include setting bait stations, sanitation reports, the use of gel baits, sticky traps, and granular bait. Then, we’ll return to your property on a routine basis and adapt treatments when necessary. For more information on commercial pest control in Canal Fulton, call us today!

Some Mosquito Prevention Methods In Canal Fulton Are More Effective

Each spring, mosquitoes start to appear around the Canal Fulton area. These pests are drawn out on a seasonal basis once temperatures begin to grow warm and humid. The females are searching for people to bite because they require human blood in order to lay their eggs. A typical mosquito can lay 100 eggs at one time, which can cause populations to erupt. While there are lots of preventive measures that locals can take, there is no substitute for professional services.

At Epcon Lane, we specialize in eco-friendly mosquito treatments that create real results for our customers. Our company has been providing top-quality services for more than 70 years and mosquito control is no exception. We perform detailed yard inspections in order to identify where the most significant problems are. Because we follow Integrated Pest Management methods, we also provide our customers with tips on habitat modifications and the ways that they can further reduce mosquito activity. From there, we apply our treatment throughout the yard and return on a regular basis for uninterrupted protection. For more information on Canal Fulton mosquito control services, call us today.

Five Simple Tips To Prevent Rat Problems In Canal Fulton

Rats are crafty and determined pests that Canal Fulton property owners may find themselves face-to-face with at various points throughout the year. In order to keep them away, try these five preventive measures:

  1. Trim back landscaping. Rats are known to be very skilled climbers and certain species will even scale roofs in order to enter a property. It’s important to scale back any trees or hedges that come in contact with a structure so that rats can’t use them as a bridge for entrance.
  2. Fill up potential entry points. Another way to limit rat activity is to seal off any cracks around properties that they might slither through. Look for openings around foundations and fill them with materials such as steel wool, wire mesh, and silicone caulk.
  3. Be cognizant of garbage. To make a property less enticing to rats, be sure to store all trash in bins with proper lids and make sure to have garbage removed every week.
  4. Fix any leaks. It’s also important to cut off potential water sources, so address leaky pipes, shut off sinks completely after using them, and keep gutters from getting clogged.
  5. Seek professional services. Lastly, always seek guidance from a trained pest professional who can offer habitat modifications and safe methods of rat prevention.

For more information on rodent control in Canal Fulton, call Epcon Lane today. 


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