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Commercial Pest Control With Unmatched Results In Akron & Cleveland, OH

It's happened even though you never wanted it to happen to you. Pests have invaded your business. Even if the problem seems small now, it will only grow bigger and lead to reduced employee morale, upset customers, building violations, and possibly closing your doors. At Epcon Lane, we refuse to let that happen, which is why we jump in with the type of full-service commercial pest control you need, as well as specialty services including professional rodent exclusion, termite treatments, and more to get back to business as usual. Find out if your business is in one of our Ohio pest control service areas and give us a call today!

Facilities We Service

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Pests also harm equipment and supplies in addition to people. Don't let your inventory suffer from a pest infestation by using our organic solutions for unmatched pest control results.

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Your hospital has all manner of people in the building, from nurses and doctors to the patients themselves. With compromised immune systems being a reality, you can't afford to compromise on your pest control efforts. Keep everyone safe with Epcon Lane.
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Whenever food or drink is involved, pests are the absolute last thing you want to deal with in your building. Keep your restaurant or brewery protected by partnering with our technicians for all of your pest control needs.

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Medical Offices

Similar to hospitals, you have people coming and going. Some might also be sick. Don't let anyone be at risk any longer by investing in commercial pest control services from our proven technicians.

food processing plant

Food Processing Centers

Pests are known to contaminate food, which can't be allowed to happen in your facility. Protect your inventory and people's health by signing on for our commercial pest control services.

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Even zoos need proper pest control to keep visitors and zoo animals alike safe and sound. We have the organic solutions you need to minimize risk to your animals while providing the results you need.

Our Commercial Pest Control Offerings

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Our technicians at Epcon Lane understand that effective pest control for your business requires a comprehensive approach that starts with working closely with you to learn what you've experienced prior to our arrival.

This desire for a complete understanding stems from our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Our methods focus on long-term pest prevention and the damage they cause your business with a combination of techniques and low-impact services.

By partnering with our technicians, you gain a team that has the necessary training and experience to provide you with the results you need quickly. To help us accomplish this for our clients, we follow IPM standards, which include:

  • Thorough on-site evaluation

  • Employment of gels, granular, bait, and sticky traps

  • Secure bait stations

  • Detailed sanitation reports

  • Services scheduled around your business hours

After a thorough inspection, our technician determines the IPM actions required to keep your facility pest-free.

Highlight Of Services

  • Specialize in IPM providing service to sensitive environments

  • Discounted Home Protection Protection plans & pest services offered to employees
  • Detailed Inspection, Trend Analysis, Service, and IPM Report always available online.

We Keep You Safe Throughout Treatment

Pest control results mean nothing if your customers, employees, or in the case of zoos, animals are at risk during treatment. That's why we use environmentally friendly pest control products as part of our commitment to "minimum pesticides, maximum results."

Why Epcon Lane Is Your Best Choice For Commercial Pest Control

We've maintained our commitment to keeping you safe while providing results since 1945. Our team owes its success to a commitment to improving our process, so every single visit, you're getting the absolute best solutions possible. Our commitment is evidenced by us being:

  • National Pest Management Association - Quality Pro Certified

  • Winner of the Athena Powerlink Award

  • BBB A+ Accredited
  • Women-Owned Business
  • Ohio Department of Agriculture Certified Technicians

Protect Your Akron Or Cleveland, OH Business With Epcon Lane!

As a business, ourselves, we understand what you're going through when pests invade. For us, that can't be allowed to continue because we believe everyone deserves to operate their business free of pests. That's why we strive to provide full-service commercial pest control that delivers results.

Learn how our team can effectively eliminate pests from your home.


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