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Home Pest Control Services With Guaranteed Results In Akron & Cleveland, OH

Are you wondering how to tell if your home has a rodent problem or looking for the best way to keep Ants out of your Akron home? Pest invasions that occur in your home are a recipe for misery, threaten to your health and safety, and can cause property damage. As a family-owned business, we refuse to stand by and let that continue. That's why we deliver full-service residential pest control for our Akron adnd Cleveland-area residents.


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Our Home Pest Control Offerings

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Our Peace of Mind Home Protection plans provide you with just that. Peace of mind that your home is protected from pests such as ants, spiders, rodents, stinging insects, and more. Starting at just $32/month, our technicians provide quarterly regular service to your home, and the best part about the plan? Any time you have an issue we come out the same day at no additional cost. If the pests come back so do we, at no additional fee! 

All of our pest control efforts are centered on the principles behind Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We don't want to just eliminate the pests affecting your home today. We want to make sure they never come back.

That's why the very first thing we do upon arrival is to perform a comprehensive inspection while discussing your observations to gain a complete understanding of the situation at hand. During the inspection, our primary focus in on the following:

  • Holes

  • Entry points

  • Conducive conditions

Once we've completed our inspection, we'll go over a service plan with you and then get to work. During service, we generally treat the home's exterior through the application of a barrier, laying down granules, and sealing entry points.

Part of our success lies in our ongoing service visits. During these visits, we usually only service the exterior, but we will address the home's interior if needed.

Specialized Services

In some cases, the invading pest is trickier to get rid of than usual, which means standard services are only effective to a point. As such, we offer specialized services designed to address these pests. These services include:

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We perform a thorough inspection of the home's exterior and interior in addition to discussing what you've seen so far to gain a complete understanding.

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We service the areas that lead to future infestations while addressing the source of your pest problems today.

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With a focus on the home's exterior, we provide the necessary protection with follow-up visits to keep you pest-free long after the initial service visit.

Committed To Unmatched Results

After everything, our main goal is to honor our commitment to unmatched results for our residential customers. We accomplish this by adhering to our motto of "minimal pesticides, maximum results." We're proud to be:

  • Quality Pro Certified

  • Winner of the Athena Powerlink Award

  • Ohio Department of Agriculture Certified Technicians
  • A Women-Owned Business

Don't wait any longer to experience safety and security in your home by contacting us today for your free quote to get started.

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