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It’s easy to see why Kirtland is known as the “city of faith and beauty.” Surrounded by stunning natural scenery and driven by tradition, we enjoy a small-town feel with the amenities of a modern American city.

Although Kirtland may be small, big values have always connected our community. We honor the past and do our best to build a bright future for our friends and family. We know the importance of looking out for one another and keeping our city safe. 

At Epcon Lane Pest Control, we share those same Kirtland values. We strive to keep homes and businesses safe with our celebrated services. Using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we provide customers throughout our local service areas with the most effective treatments possible without overusing harsh chemicals. In fact, our motto is “Minimum pesticides, maximum results.” We also offer specialty services for fleas and ticks, stinging insects, rodents, and termites.

If you’re experiencing pest problems on your Kirtland, OH property, call the experts at Epcon Lane Pest Control today. We’ll work with you to develop a pest control plan that fits your needs and gets rid of your pests once and for all. 

Home Pest Control In Kirtland, OH

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Epcon Lane Pest Control is a family-owned business with roots tracing back to 1945. When you choose us, we’ll treat you like part of the family. Your pest problems are our pest problems and we’ll work hard to get the job done right. We provide long-lasting protection from pests that threaten you and your family.  Whether it’s ants, cockroaches, mice, or any other unwanted guests on your Kirtland property, our certified technicians are ready to tackle the problem. 

We employ an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control that accounts for all the factors that contribute to your pest problem. We don’t overuse harsh chemicals, so we keep your family, pets, and the environment safe. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with us:

  • A comprehensive inspection of your home and a friendly conversation to learn about all the pest problems you’re experiencing.

  • A custom pest control plan made for your situation.

  • Safe but highly effective service including pest control barrier installation, granule treatment, and sealing of pest entry points.

  • Regular follow-up visits to ensure that your home stays pest-free.

We also offer specialized services to target mosquitoes, termites, and other pests that present unique problems

To learn more about our residential pest control offerings or to schedule an inspection for your Kirtland, OH property, get in touch with the pros at Epcon Lane Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Kirtland, OH

When you’ve got pests, your business is bound to suffer. Pest infestations can scare customers away, make employees sick, and even cause your business to shut down if not properly addressed. But no matter what kind of facility you run, Epcon Lane Pest Control has the solutions to protect your Kirtland business from pests.

Our certified technicians use an Integrated Pest Management approach to provide long-lasting results so you’re ready to pass all necessary inspections. We take all aspects of your infestation into account and provide the most comprehensive solutions possible without overusing harsh chemicals.

When you choose Epcon Lane Pest Control for your business, you’ll get:

  • A thorough evaluation of your facility for all signs of pest activity.

  • Professional-grade services including secure baiting stations, traps, gels, and granular treatment.

  • Detailed sanitation reports for your records.

  • Pest control services scheduled around your business hours for maximum convenience and discretion.

To schedule commercial pest control services for your Kirtland, OH facility, contact us today.

Five Rodent Control Tips For Kirtland Properties

Rodents cause a plethora of problems. They can spread disease and destroy your property and belongings. That’s why rodent control is crucial for keeping your property safe and protected. Some easy rodent control tips that you can use for your Kirtland property include:

  1. Store food properly. Use a metal or glass container to protect your pantry foods from rodents.
  2. Reduce water access. Fix any leaking pipes or faucets and dump out pet water bowls overnight.
  3. Seal entrances. Stuff holes with steel wool or use metal lathe to patch openings on the exterior of your property.
  4. Dispose of trash. Take out the trash often. Keep garbage bins at least 20 feet away from the property and try to use metal bins if possible.
  5. Clean up. Simply sweeping floors for crumbs and wiping counters for spills can help to reduce the presence of rodents.

If you’re experiencing rodent problems on your Kirtland, OH property, trust the experts at Epcon Lane Pest Control. Our rodent control services are designed for maximum efficacy. We’ll install EPA-approved traps and baits to eliminate any current rodent infestation and perform exclusion services to prevent future rodents from entering. For more information about our rodent control offerings, get in touch with us today.


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