Occasional Invaders

What are occasional invaders?

Not all household pests infest on a regular or cyclical basis. The insects that are uncommonly spotted inside Ohio homes are referred to as occasional invaders. They have many shapes, sizes, and forms, some of them infesting in the thousands. Here are some descriptions that can help you identify individual pest species crawling about your home:

  • Centipedes: Tall, thin, creepy legs give the centipede a distinctive appearance. They are much more prone to bite than other occasional invaders. 
  • Earwigs: These pests have a bad reputation for crawling into people’s ears. However, this tiny, five-eighths of an inch-long bug prefers to crawl about inside homes rather than people. 
  • Millipedes: Millipedes have thick carapaces and a tendency to roll into balls when threatened. Some wild varieties in Akron and Cleveland may measure several inches long at maturity. 
  • Stink Bugs: Sometimes called the brown marmorated stink bug, this pest is shield-shaped and increasingly prevalent in our area. They give off a foul scent when squished, which is what grants them their name.

a curled up millipede

Are occasional invaders dangerous?

Few, if any, occasional invaders can physically harm humans. Earwigs cannot crawl into people’s ears, stink bugs are smelly but nontoxic, and even millipedes can do little more than squirt irritating fluids. Centipedes may be able to bite humans and cause some puncturing of the skin. However, this is extremely rare.

The true dangers of occasional invaders lie in their implications rather than their outright threats. Many occasional invaders point towards excessive moisture concerns in the yard and property damage that may be occurring because of it.

Why do I have an occasional invader problem?

Although most centipedes, earwigs, millipedes, and stink bugs prefer the outdoors, they sometimes wind up inside Akron and Cleveland homes. Occasional invaders are likely entering your home for food and shelter. When seeking heat and shelter from the cold, stink bugs in our homes are much more visible around windows, walls, and lights. Excess moisture may attract centipedes and millipedes to certain parts of the house. Earwigs may travel indoors from potted plants or other items.

Where will I find occasional invaders?

The vast majority of occasional invader pests are moisture and humidity-loving bugs that enjoy living outside the home. When they do come inside, they prefer to live in a place that provides plenty of water. Basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens are just a few of their favorites.

How do I get rid of occasional invaders?

The best and most efficient method of keeping occasional invaders out of the house is prevention. If your household protection lapses or you notice the signs and symptoms of an infestation, you will need to move to professional pest control efforts.

Epcon Lane is a highly qualified provider of occasional insect treatments around Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. With natural, eco-friendly solutions and knowledgeable technicians on your side, we can eliminate occasional invaders within a matter of weeks. Call today to confirm your residential or commercial pest control plan now.

How can I prevent occasional invaders in the future?

Centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, and stink bugs can be successfully kept out of the house by following these helpful steps:

  • Keep the home humidity-free by investing in a dehumidifier. The purchase of desiccant bags may also help in smaller rooms like pantries or closets. 

  • Remove all sources of clutter that could be providing places for insects to hide. Clear out the garage, basement, and office spaces, particularly from cardboard or other paper products.

  • Get an occasional invader inspection as soon as possible to confirm any infestations present in the house.

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