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Lake County, OH, is home to many Cleveland suburbs, including the humble town of Willoughby. No more than 25,000 residents strong, this quieter area of the big city makes the perfect getaway for homeowners, business managers, and property owners in central Ohio. Interestingly, Willoughby is the only city in America that has belonged to six different counties. Today, the area is a bedroom community for homeowners seeking fast commutes to work and school.

Willoughby, OH, is a suburb with a laid-back atmosphere and clean, orderly environments. However, not everything in this quaint town is exempt from natural happenstances. The presence of pests, insects, and wildlife species is one of the best examples of this. These creatures tear their way through the city by infesting homes, chewing through businesses, and otherwise establishing an unwanted presence. Left to their own devices, they could make short work of your personal property and living spaces.

Pest threats are a genuine problem here in Willoughby, which is why thousands of property owners trust Epcon Lane with their pest management and protection all year round. Epcon Lane is one of the largest providers of pest control in Willoughby and a number of nearby pest control service locations, serving home and business owners with actionable results since our initial foundation. See our team in action for yourself when you call our Willoughby office today.

Home Pest Control In Willoughby, OH

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As one of Ohio’s leading providers of integrated pest management (IPM), Epcon Lane is a trusted applicator of residential pest control products and services. Since our founding in the late 1940s, we have dedicated our time and talents to the proper management of pests all over the area. 

Below are just a few reasons why homeowners in Willoughby, OH, love working with Epcon Lane: 

  • Minimal use of harmful chemicals
  • Maximal use of integrated pest management programs
  • Thorough inspection services and detailed reports
  • Actionable advice for seasonal pests
  • Continuous care with quarterly plans

We also offer a host of helpful specialty services in case of additional pest invasion, including: 

  • Termite Monitoring And Elimination
  • Stinging Insect Control
  • Rodent Trapping
  • Flea And Tick Monitoring
  • Mosquito Abatement

Call now to reserve a residential pest control plan with Epcon Lane. We're looking forward to matching you with the perfect pest technician.

Commercial Pest Control In Willoughby, OH

Businesses all over Willoughby need high-quality commercial pest control services to get and stay competitive. For more than 80 years, our dedicated professionals have focused on ways to prevent and defend against pests from any source.

Now composed of several dozen staff members, Epcon Lane provides outstanding commercial pest control services at a highly affordable price. There’s no job too difficult for us to handle, nor a business too small to receive our services. Today, we are thrilled to provide our meaningful commercial pest control programs to hundreds of industries in the area. These include: 

  • Medical Facilities
  • Animal Welfare Buildings
  • Zoos And Wildlife Centers
  • Industrial Manufacturing Plants
  • Overnight And Hospitality Centers

If you don’t immediately see your industry on this list, Epcon Lane may still be able to help. Learn more about our commercial pest control offerings by contacting the Willoughby office as soon as possible. Let’s find the perfect pest control formula for your company.

Why Choose Pro Termite Protection For Your Willoughby Home

We all know that pest control is an important part of maintaining a home or business. But just how important is professional termite protection here in Willoughby? The answer may be more surprising than you think.

In truth, termites are some of the most destructive pests on earth. Not only are these creatures able to quickly eat through wooden structures, walls, and support beams, but they can do so 24 hours a day. These pests do not need sleep, rest, or breaks, allowing them to wreak havoc all year long.

Are the benefits of professional termite protection worth the cost? Check out some of these benefits: 

  • Professional termite protection stops pests from ever investigating your property.
  • Integrated pest management techniques allow your home to remain chemical-free while stopping alates from scouting the building.
  • Ongoing termite protection ensures proper defense at all times of the year.

Epcon Lane is proud to provide termite control for both home and business owners. Learn more by submitting an online contact form.

Five Handy Ant Control Tips For Willoughby Property Owners

Below are five of the best ways to keep ant colonies from infesting your property

  1. Properly maintain the greenery in your garden.
  2. Remove stagnant puddles of water from the home and lawn.
  3. Store trash in a properly sealed bin.
  4. Wash and dry dishes thoroughly.
  5. Get ongoing ant control with Epocon Lane. 

Secure your commercial or residential ant control plan online today.


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